TASKS: 1. Please read Chapter 3 of JUST MERCY by Bryan Stevenson. 2. Be prepared

1. Please read Chapter 3 of JUST MERCY by Bryan Stevenson.
2. Be prepared to discuss this chapter in class.
3. Answer the following questions:
a. At the time of Walter′s arrest, what did Sheriff Tate say to Walter about his ″running around with white girls″?
b. What ″unprecedented maneuver″ did Sheriff Tate employ to ″create additional pressure″ on Myers and McMillan?
c. Mr. Stevenson has spoken about ″proximity″ and its importance to his work. According to Mr. Stevenson, how was proximity used by Sheriff Tate to intimidate Myers and McMillan?
d. In Monroe County, Alabama, who did prosecutors exclude from juries?
e. What was the ruling in the United States Supreme Court case in Strauder vs West Virginia?
f. A Texas statute was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1945. What did that Texas statute limit?

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