Please address the following: •    End-to-end encryption means that encryption k

Please address the following:
•    End-to-end encryption means that encryption keys are stored in the smartphones and not revealed to the service provider. If a strong cryptographic algorithm such as AES is used, why is a brute force attack the only option for breaking the encryption?
•    Explain both sides of the public debate on “privacy versus security.” A specific example of this debate arose in the February 2016 legal case between Apple and the FBI, who wanted access to the contents of an iPhone owned by one of the shooters in the December 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.
•    In the broad debate on privacy versus security, the government has sometimes been accused of wanting a “backdoor” to encrypted communications. For example, the National Security Agency (NSA) tried to implement a backdoor in the Clipper chip offered in 1993. What is a backdoor and why would a backdoor be dangerous, e.g., if discovered by criminals?

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