Please read the article Tuan_A_View_of_Geography.pdf Download Tuan_A_View_of_Ge

Please read the article Tuan_A_View_of_Geography.pdf Download Tuan_A_View_of_Geography.pdf and answer the following questions (at bottom of this page). After you have read the article and answered the questions you are to write a 1 page reaction to the article. This is your reaction, not a summary. Some helpful prompts to get you going: Do you agree with Tuan? If you agree or disagree, why? What did you think of his writing style? Was it hard or easy to understand and why? Did you take the time to look up any words? what did you learn? What did the article make you think about? etc.
This assignment has two written aspects:
1) Answer the 3 questions about the article (they are in chronological order)
2) Write a 1 page (double spaced) reaction to the article
You only need to create 1 document.
1. Tuan argues of geography that “…for all its rightful claim to being a physical science, it remains a science tied, at a fundamental level, to the human scale”. What evidence does Tuan offer to back up this argument?
2. Why does Tuan describe the scapulimancy of the Labrador Indians? (What point does the example help him make?)
3.According to Tuan, should geographers insist on precision or roundedness if they seek to understand the earth as home?

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