Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries project and need an explana

Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
I NEED cite 20 research articles in this project.
Select four different types of home textiles. Collect some basic information for each textile such as fiber content, structure. How to select and maintain during daily use. — You do have 4 types, please be more specific. Pillow cases and sheets could be two different types possible, because not all pillowcases are used while sleeping. For bedsheets, I would like to see you include the specific fiber content, yarn size, fabric count, fabric structure etc.. When people select, what principle to follow if for different purpose. How to maintain it during use? Blankets are big category, are you talking about blanket on the floor, on the sofa or the one we use during winter season. For each specific type, the selection criteria and maintain requirement are not the same, some using dry clean, others in regular laundry, which really depends on the fiber content. For towels, you could be specific to hand towels, or bath towels. Floor covering is a big category, be specific.
Interview four consumers to identify their needs and/or expectation for the selected product during selection, purchasing and use. You could develop a survey with questions/answers to check their needs and/or expectations. –Please develop a questionnnaire covering specific questions to address the needs and expectation when consumers to select products (For example, one consumer would select curtain, is this a curtain used in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, the requirement could be varied depends on the location to use). When purchsing, what concern they may have? Price, quality (what specific quality we are talking about, durability, easy to care, colorfastness or what else). While maintaining the use, do they dry clean or regular laundry? How to dry it? Is that necessary to iron? Do they like to iron? Those questions have to be practical and customized for each individual product. You could have open questions as well. After your interview, I will expect to see the answer for each question from each consumer.
Summarize consumers’ questions/concerns and propose possible suggestions/solutions that are informed by the literature research.
After your interview, there must have some questions or concerns when consumers to select, maintain or use these products, as they do not have enough knowledge or skills. Some questions/concerns you could get answers from literature you researched, others you have to consult from professionals, which you will finish in later questions.

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