Learning Goal: I’m working on a ethnic studies writing question and need an expl

Learning Goal: I’m working on a ethnic studies writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Write the analytical response paper based on two original articles in Aztlán:
A Journal of Chicano Studies –Decolonizing IntimaciesWomen of Mexican Descent and Colorism
The flagship journal in the field — Why Chicanos Could Not Be Beat
In the analytical essays, must critically summarize the following:
The research question/topic
The research method or mode of analysis
Evidence, data, empirical material, texts, primary source(s) or cultural production(s) analyzed by the author(s)
The arguments and conclusions presented in the article and state whether you agreed and/or were convinced by the article’s argument and analysis
2 pages double-spaced
Use APA style for any outside resources used

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