Learning Goal: I’m working on a education & teaching discussion question and nee

Learning Goal: I’m working on a education & teaching discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.
Question 1
As a school leader I will focus on the students’ education. The primary goal is the school leader will ensure that students are academically and emotionally prepared for a successful future. To achieve these goals, a school leader is responsible for proving the following:
Safe environment of the students
Appropriate materials and resource to teach the student needs
Following the school district curriculum
Teaching the state standards
Every student learns differently, school leaders must provide learning to all students and make sure that all teachers are receiving the right professional development to help the students in the classroom. Leaders must advocate on behalf of the students as well as the teachers (Schreiner, 2022). Leaders must be willing to support the teachers and the students to assist with their needs. The school leaders must attend district meetings, show up for the students’ graduations and develop relationships with students. Based on the roles, a school leader must be willing and able to delegate responsibilities and make decisions (Schreiner, 2022). The school leader must be willing to be a supporter of their teachers and staff. The leader will understand that the energy and the time that the teacher is using in the classroom is for the student. The teacher is providing resources and teaching to the standard effectively for the students to understand the concept.
Schreiner, E. (2022, July 21). Principals Delegating Responsibilities in Schools. Work – Chron.Com. https://work.chron.com/principals-delegating-respo…
Question 2
Among the many qualities that effective school leaders possess, appropriate delegation of responsibilites are at the top of that list. Delegating effectively saves time, helps you as a leader and your team develop as professionals, prepares you to manage larger teams, and inspires employees and team members to perform better (Northwest Executive Education, 2021). Moreover, the delegation of responsibilities helps school leaders and principals to supervise areas of high importance such as budgeting, discipline and data analysis, versus day to day tasks and/or responsibilities.
School leaders may find it beneficial to delegate staff in areas/responsibilities such as:
Team leadswho facilitate PLC Meetings
Organization of staff appreciation events (i.e., Sunshine Committee)
Coaches/ Academic Support Staff organizing and facilitating Professional Development
Staff members in charge of student events/ incentives
Coaches/ Leaders who inform/train staff of State Testing Mandates
Each of these areas will not only empower staff members to get involved in important school initiatives, but rather allow faculty to have a voice in what is needed to improve climate and culture for staff and students. Teachers and staff who are involved through the delegation of responsibilities want to contribute to a positive school enviorment and understand that involvement impacts their students and the relationships they hold with these students (Hensch, 2020). On the other hand, when principals and school leaders relingquish such jobs into the hands of staff, it can be a challenge to keep them accountable for the completion and effectiveness of such responsibilities. To combat this, frequent check in’s, meetings and informal conversations may assist in keeping these staff members encouraged and on track with what their duties consist of. Principals may also have coaches/ other administrative support conduct these check- in’s taking a step in further delegating responsibilities.
Hensch, M. (2020). Teacher Participation in Extra Curricular Activities: The Effect on School Culture. Retrieved from:https://digitalcommons.hamline.edu/hse_all/4495/#:~:text=Using%20a%20mixed%2Dmethods%20approach,build%20a%20positive%20school%20culture.
Northwest Executive Education. (2021). How to Delegate- Why is Delegation Important. Retrieved from: https://northwest.education/insights/careers/how-to-delegate-why-is-delegation-important/
Question 3
1. Teamwork- People engage in teamwork when they cooperate to achieve a common objective. Or goal. When people understand that teamwork on a project is more productive than working independently it is always effective and shows improvement (Curran, et, al. 2008). The steps I would take to help create a teamwork in the learning environment is encouraging collaboration at work, celebrate success and encourage others by highlighting achievements and contributions to create a system that encourages the kind of cooperation that is important for your school improvement. Learn to communicate effectively with self-managed teams. Be inclusive and ensure that everyone can contribute all their talents to the work at hand. Some challenges I might face are implementing teamwork are the people who are “stuck in their ways”, and the ones who do not like change. Then I will be forced to deal with the decision of keeping those individuals on board or letting them go.
2. Professional Development It is especially important for school administrators in the field of K-12 education administration to encourage teachers to pursue professional development, not only to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students, but also to be more effective and satisfied in various other aspects of their work and daily tasks (Mizell, 2010). This can be accomplished by setting goals, creating hands on opportunities allowing team collaboration, and then providing coaching and mentoring on that topic. This allows teachers to get training on actual topics that are important or relevant to them. Some challenges I might face completing these tasks are holding teachers accountable without feeling as if I am micromanaging them.
Mizell, H. (2010). Why Professional Development Matters. Learning Forward. 504 South Locust Street, Oxford, OH 45056.
Curran, V. R., Sharpe, D., Forristall, J., & Flynn, K. (2008). Attitudes of health sciences students towards interprofessional teamwork and education. Learning in Health and Social Care, 7(3), 146-15

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