Group Plan (8 pages, typed, double-spaced in 12-point font) Develop a plan for

Group Plan
(8 pages, typed, double-spaced in 12-point font)
Develop a plan for a group that you would like to lead at some point, or have led within the past six months. This plan should be written as though you were preparing to present it to your field instructor, administrator, or work unit to enlist their approval. Describe the following elements and the rationale for your decisions based on theoretical or empirical grounds:
Overall group purpose.
Group work model to be used, and rationale for using this group model with this population. Chose from 1. Social Goals Model, 2. Remedial Model, 3. Problem Solving Model/ Social skills model 4. Psychotherapeutic model 5. Developmental model
Ethical considerations.
Strategies for recruitment of members.
In case of an actual group that you led, a brief description of the agency and how the group fits in with the agency mission.
Selection criteria for members, including rationale for homogeneous or heterogeneous groups.
Group size.
Open or closed membership
Specific techniques, curricula, or other interventions or activities that you will use with this group, including methods of addressing cross-cultural issues. (The more specific examples that you give for what you would actually do in the sessions, the better.) This is the most important section of the paper.
Frequency and duration of meetings.
Possible fees and/or costs to the agency.
Identify methods of evaluating the effectiveness of a group in helping members to achieve their goals.
Cite 4 different relevant references in your paper. See the below pdf, I have 2 specific topics I want you to chose from, one refence already needed to be used and rubric

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