Learning Goal: I’m working on a resume writing question and need an explanation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a resume writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Below I will state each question needed to be answered with a little description i put that you can go off of and expand alot on after the underlined question.
1. While studying abroad you will come into contact with people, cultures, and communities that may challenge your worldview or notion of identity. How do you currently define your identity, has it shifted at all since the start of your freshman year?
– I currently define my identity as a young jewish man who is open to everyones view’s and belief’s and understands that everyone comes from different upbringings. It hasn’t changed since the start of freshman year due the fact that I have traveled all around the world with family durning my time in high school and from a young age learned to respect and understand other cultures and identities.
2. Provide an example of a time when you felt your identity and/or worldview was challenged and how you navigated that challenge. What lessons did you learn?
– One timeI felt my identify was challenged was when I was pulled aside in the airport just landing in Israel due to the fact that my parents were from Iran and i looked different than others because I grew my beard out. I handled this situation my fully accepting who i was and where I came from and instead of being problematic, I understood the security reasons and did anything I could to help.
3 How has your worldview or identity influenced your decision to study abroad in [Auckland, Hong Kong, London, Rome, or Sydney]?
– Personally I feel that studying abroad will allow me to fully embrace a new culture and life that from those new experiences can then go on to learn more about myself and in return shift my worldview in a positive way.

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