This is for a Humanities class based around fantasy and sci fi. Topics covered s

This is for a Humanities class based around fantasy and sci fi. Topics covered so far have been character archetypes, worldbuilding, plot elements, and visual analysis for comics. You do not have to use these topics. Recommend choosing something related to fantasy or sci fi but it can be very loosely related.
Write at least 1-2 pages analyzing:
* Either a specific comic, webcomic, graphic novel, manga,
manhua, manhwa. You do not need to analyze an entire series,
and may
even focus specifically on a page or series of pages.
* OR comics in general, if you have no experience with specific
If you are analyzing a specific comic/section of comic:
* Analyze your choice using storytelling analysis and the slides
about the parts of comics.
* Use references from your primary source (comic being analyzed).
* You may want to start by considering the story and art
separately, then considering how they work together.
If you are analyzing comics in general:
* Find at least one credible source to back up your analysis. This
can be a journal article, website, etc.
* You may want to start by considering your perspective on comics
in culture.
With regard to mechanics:
* Write in full sentences and paragraphs, using proper grammar,
punctuation, spelling, etc.
* You may include images, but please do not make them so big
that you write very little content.

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