What might these descriptions of what God is and what He is like have to do with the manner in which God would interact with the people whom He created?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need guidance to help me learn.In the last workshop, we began to answer the great philosophical question “Where did we come from?” with the answer that the single Person who is our Creator, the Lord God Himself. We are not the product of random, unexplainable chance. The Bible makes it clear that we are here by design and according to the purposes of our Designer/Creator.The nature of the cosmos we see around us and the reason we give thanks to Him is because of His “…making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it” (Psalm 139:14 NLT). This tells us much of who God is as we see His image stamped upon us.As ancient civilizations illustrate, we could never discover on our own or with our tools of learning who God is and what God is like. So, this Creator who made us must have wanted us to know Him and even relate to Him because over thousands of years, He gradually revealed this both in word and in His interactions with persons who either loved and trusted Him enough to obey or those who rejected and disregarded Him what being in a relationship with Him wasBackground InformationAs with the reading, you can use a standard translation of the Bible or the Bible Gateway website to locate and review verses and passages.Observational GuideThe following can be a guide to your observations in any of the selected passages throughout the course. What do you see in the selected passage concerning:The nature of God’s attributes, e.g., faithfulness, compassion, goodness, holiness, anger, power, justice, immutability, all-knowing, ever-present, eternal, etc.
The types of God’s activity, e.g., Creator, provider, revealer, judge, rescuer, redeemer, Savior, etc.
The nature of the character of God, the Son, Jesus Christ, e.g., compassion, faithfulness, divinity, humanity, humility, obedience, patience, power, wisdom, etc.
The service of Jesus Christ, e.g., Creator, Savior, Servant, redeemer, high priest, Lamb, prayers, miracles, shepherd, teachings, etc.
The nature of the character of God, the Holy Spirit, e.g., joy, power, wisdom, Savior, purifier, etc.
The activity of the Holy Spirit, e.g., Creator, savior, life-bringer, leader, comforter, in-dweller, witness, spiritual gifts, fruit in the believer’s life, anointing for human ministry, etc.
The Creation of the Universe, e.g., its origins, its original qualities, its present character, its future restoration, etc.
The nature of the human race, e.g., its origins, its comparison to the rest of Creation, its unique make-up (including the image of God), its intended relationship with its Creator, its purposes in God’s plan for the universe, etc.
The nature of sin, e.g., origin, its character, its expressions, its effects on the universe (including relationships and humanity), etc.
The nature of God’s salvation and Kingdom plan for the universe (including humanity), e.g., its origin, the activity of the Savior, the beneficial effects of salvation (including the “Good Life”), the grounds for human acquisition of salvation, et
InstructionsReview the biblical passages assigned in this week’s reading – Week 2 Theological and Biblical Readings.
Your reading may be facilitated by using the website, Bible Gateway.
In addition, a collateral source of organized biblical materials is found at the online edition of the Dictionary of Bible Themes at Bible Gateway.
Navigate to the threaded discussion and post in at least four full paragraphs (two for each question) new insights gleaned from the reading (with your quotation of the Scriptures that support such insights):Describe three characteristics of the nature and activities of God as seen in the assigned passages. Support each characteristic with at least one quotation from scripture (MINIMUM 3 QUOTATIONS)
What might these descriptions of what God is and what He is like have to do with the manner in which God would interact with the people whom He created?
You need to include a minimum of 1 reference per paragraph (4 total references). You should also quote the Bible but don’t excessively do this because it will show as plagiarized. The work will be passed through Turnitin and any similarity rate of 12% is not acceptable. Also make sure the work does not have grammar errors as it will be checked through grammarly.

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