Third pick a “mantra” or saying that you can repeat on each exhale that means absolutely nothing

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.DIARY ASSIGNMENTI want to re-introduce you to the one exercise that will dominate this class. It is a skill or a technique to elicit relaxation entitled the “relaxation response”. It should be your goal in this class to learn this skill to the best of your ability. You will be asked to complete a diary of your activities and relate your success rate back to me as we proceed through the course. You will need a total of 12 diary entries that give a brief (3-4 sentences) description on how the sessions went. Here is a brief review of the RR techniques:First find a comfortable, quiet, preferably dark spot (as you get better you should be able to perform this skill while moving or in a busy place>
Second find a comfortable position (I prefer lying flat on my back). You may take the tension of your lower back by elevating your legs).
Third pick a “mantra” or saying that you can repeat on each exhale that means absolutely nothing to you (I use the word “om”) and try to repeat this word in your mind as you exhale. If thoughts come into your head say to yourself that that is ok and try to remove them by concentrating on your mantra.
Forth assume a passive attitude.
Usually with an “in person” class I will walk the students thru this, but you are going to have to try to do this on your own. You can any helpful YouTube video for these sessions. You can pick what works for you for your relaxation session and diary entries. It is important to start with your lower extremities and remove all tension from your muscles as you begin. Say to yourself, “is there any tension in my thighs, knees, calves, or ankles. Recognize the tension and try to relax the muscle by visualizing the tension flow down your legs and out your toes. Repeat this with your back and torso. Move to you head neck and shoulder and arms and move the tension down your arms out your fingers. When you have released all your muscular tension, start to really concentrate on your breathing and your mantra. The first time you do this I want you to try to stay still for around 8-10 minutes and we will gradually work up to 18-20 minutes. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep. That is not the goal, but until you learn this skill and can gently keep yourself awake, it may happen. You get more benefit out of the “relaxation response” (RR) if you do not fall asleep based on different brain activity. Also, don’t be surprised if you have trouble keeping thoughts out of your mind. This is the hardest part and it is a skill that takes practice (just like shooting a free throw).Best of luck and make sure to write down your perceptions of each session via a word document so you can submit at the end of class and complete your “DIARY” assignment. You can also email or call if you’re having trouble.Good luck,

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