How many times did you write awfulizing statements?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Irrational and Rational Self-TalkPurposeTo focus on how irrational and rational self-talk can be used in common, practical events and situations.Instructions1. For each situation below, consider how you would feel and what you might say to yourself. Then, write an irrational and a rational belief about each situation.SITUATIONYou have to give a 5-minute speech in your college class (Example)IRRATIONAL SELF-TALK1. This is terrible. I just can’t bear having to give this speech.TRATIONAL SELF-TALKThis is going to be difficult. I will work hard and be as successful as I can be.2. You didn’t meet a very important work deadline.3. A friend cancelled a date with you.4. You are criticized publicly in class or at work.5. You’re having a final exam in your most difficult class.6. You have just had a major “blow-up” with your fiancé/fiancée.7. You were laid off from your job. 8. Write your own situation.Discussion1. Was it easier for you to write the irrational or the rational self-talk and beliefs? Why?2. How many times did you use should, should not, must, ought, have to?3. How many times did you write awfulizing statements?4. How many times did you make overgeneralizations?5. How do you think irrational self-talk contributes to a common situation becoming more stressful?

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