How do the differences between mixes suggest different strategies?

1. Identify
a product oriented company and a service company that you believe exhibits the
use of persuasive tactics in their marketing communications. For each company, explain technically what forms
of persuasion they are using and the expected outcome(s). Then explain how you believe these practices
may be contributing to or detracting from their reputation within their
respective industries.
2. (a) Choose a consumer and a business-to-business a
product or service of interest. After
reviewing the numerous marketing mixes presented and other sources you might
find relevant, develop what you believe would be the most appropriate mixes for
each of the products and/or services you have chosen and you can’t use any of
the 4Ps.
(b) In each case, explain what perspective
does each element within your mixes represent (e.g., internal, external,
competitive, consumer, collaborative)? Also, explain whom would be making the
decisions pertaining to your mix elements.
(c) Justify why you believe your marketing mixes
are the best. How do they differ? How do the differences between mixes suggest
different strategies?
(d) In each case, explain what it is you are fundamentally
offering via your mix(es).
3. Identify organizations
that you believe are using the three different pricing approaches (i.e.,
cost-based, competitive-based, and market-based pricing). How did you determine their pricing method? What effects do you see playing out in their
respective markets stemming from their pricing approach/strategy? What would you recommend?
4. Based upon your
understanding of forward-looking metrics, create a “new” forward-looking metric
that is different from the ones identified in the chapter or elsewhere. Explain how it is forward-looking and how it
should be used for strategy purposes.

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