Why is it important to study hunting and gathering communities?

• Though footnotes are not required, use concrete examples from the readings, not the Internet, your family/friends, or your feelings/beliefs. J Refer to class texts to shape your answers, not the
• You will have from now until the due date to submit your answers.
• Turnitin will check your work for any plagiarism. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE
• Please use Microsoft Word and number your answers to avoid deductions.
• This is an opportunity for you to organize and synthesize information that you have learned in the course. All claims must be based upon evidence from readings, not opinion or feel-good,
preconceived notions.
• Please number your answers, putting them in order, and write single-spaced.
• Late exams will not be accepted. Please take note now and plan accordingly.
Short essay questions – 7 points each. You should answer 10 questions of the 15 below. Write at least 2-3 paragraphs for each question, but as much as you deem necessary for a substantial response. This is not a formal essay, but writing in clear, paragraph by paragraph, essay format will help you score higher.
1. Why is it important to study hunting and gathering communities?
2. What were the effects of climate change in the second millennium BCE?
3. How did environment or geography affect the path of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations?
4. Which teachers and prophets were central to the Axial Age?
5. How did Alexander the Great shape areas outside of Greece?
6. How did Rome transform from a minor city-state to a huge Mediterranean power?
7. How did Christianity originate and then spread in the first few centuries of its existence?
8. What accounted for the spread of Buddhism along the Silk Roads?
9. How did Islamic civilization develop after 600 CE?
10. What was the role of the Vikings in European history?
11. What were some causes of the Crusades?
12. What was the crisis of the 14th century CE?
13. In what different ways did the Iberian kingdoms; the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires; the
Ming dynasty; and European polities extend their territory and regional influence?
14. What was the importance of the Ming Dynasty and Zheng He’s voyages?
15. What explains European state building and economic recovery in the centuries prior to 1500?
Summative Essay, 30 points:
Write at least 4 paragraphs, but as much as you deem necessary for a substantial response. You should make use of Daly in this response:
See the Historical Perspective Assignment in Canvas. Spend 15 minutes scanning and analyzing the two pages. Answer the following prompt: “Humans are naughty, clearly. But, like the news, which is almost always bad, this does not tell the whole story. Humans are good too. That said, and using your notes from the text chapters, what historical claim could or would you make when you compare the horrors of the past graphically?”

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