What is your personal leadership IQ? by Joelle Jay, Ph.D.,

This assignment is due Sunday (Day 7) by 11:59 pm, CST.
Read What is your personal leadership IQ? by Joelle Jay, Ph.D., and complete The Personal Leadership Quiz at the bottom of the page.
After you have completed the quiz and tallied the results, reflect on the feedback provided in the “What Your Score Means” section immediately following the quiz. Think about how improving your self-leadership can make you a more effective leader in your business or organization.
Leadership assessment tools – Assess your skills. (n.d.). kellog.northwestern.edu.
There are 8 different short assessment tools on this website. Complete these assessments and review the results.
Ask at least two of your co-workers to assess and comment on your personal leadership skills and capabilities. Do they agree with the results you received from the online assessments?
Once you have gathered this feedback, write a 300-500 word reflection of what you have learned. Consider the following:
Do you think that your scores on these assessments and the associated feedback accurately reflect your personal leadership position?
Were there any responses that surprised you? Why do you think you were surprised?
Was there anything that was difficult to hear? Did any of the feedback make you feel upset or uncomfortable?
What do your co-workers’/friends’ responses tell you is important as it relates to your personal leadership assessment?
Do your co-workers’/friends’ responses highlight areas where you could improve your leadership skills?
Identify specific areas where you believe you could improve your leadership skills and explain how this could be accomplished, think of activities such as seminars, webinars, TED Talks, leadership blogs or podcasts, etc.

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