research/analysis paper of 7-10 pages focusing on a topic of the student’s choosing which investigates a topic relevant to the study of ethnomusicology.

I am writing the paper about israeli music and it’s development throught the years, i told the proffessor specifically that it wouldnt be just jewish music, but also israeli music. i have to explore the “how it came to be, insipiration they recieved from other cultures, similarties to western music”
Let me know if you have questions.
***these are the guidelines***
This will be a research/analysis paper of 7-10 pages focusing on a topic of the student’s choosing which investigates a topic relevant to the study of ethnomusicology.
Examples of suitable topics might include: an album analysis of a contemporary world music artist and how he or she both retains and reimagines traditions, a detailed survey of the uses of a world music instrument in both its original context and in hybrid cross-cultural music contexts (i.e. the sitar in Indian classical music and the Beatles use of the sitar), women’s roles in early dubstep/dancehall in Jamaica, a thorough examination of a particular culture’s use of music in rituals or community- affirming events (i.e. the use of music in achieving trance states in the Sufi tradition), the use of music and psychedelics in American culture from the 1960s to the present, spiritual uses of music and ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon, women’s evolving roles in the musical funeral rituals of Indonesia, the global influence of social media on a particular world music genre’s music production, distribution, and taste-making, women’s evolving roles in the music of the Catholic Church. You will need to submit your chosen topic and potential sources for approval.
1) Meets length requirement (7-10 pages of prose), not including the title page or bibliography and utilizes Chicago Manual of Style formatting for all citations, bibliography, font size (12 pt), etc. (Chicago Manual of Style resources found on BlackBoard)
2) Contains minimal, if any, errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure. Lacks significant formatting errors.
3) Takes an appropriate, academic tone. Avoids using first or second person (I or you).
4) Uses at least 3 credible sources for the paper’s content and cites them correctly throughout. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA OR RANDOM .COM SITES FOR YOUR SOURCES.
5) Investigates an original, approved topic thoroughly. Offers a unique perspective or overall thesis on the chosen subject. This is not a “report” on a specific topic, but rather should use the sources to support an overarching theme or “takeaway” from the paper.
6) Presents a compelling, well-organized narrative.

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