Discuss what the intervention will be founded upon

Employing the Worksite Wellness Program Development guide, you will create a mock health promotion program for a community organization, school, or workplace. Your outline for the project is the seven (7) step cycle found on page one of the guide. In addition to the seven steps, you will include a cover page, introduction, summary, and reference page.
The task is to produce a hypothetical scenario where you will be implementing a health promotion initiative. To complete this, you will be producing a:
· 4 page written assessment
· In APA format (12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1 inch margins all around) that will include specific concepts.
Specific concepts are:
Cover page (not part of the 4 page requirement)
Please provide background on the organization receiving the initiative (name of organization, location, economic status of the organization, etc.), the target population (age range, ethnicity, gender ratio, etc.), and the various health issues you are seeking to improve.
Theoretical Framework and health promotion components
Discuss what the intervention will be founded upon and why (health promotion theoretical frameworks), strategies/assessments to deliver the initiative, and components of the initiative. Examples, experiences, and citations will help to justify your position and strengthen your perspective.
Initiative Justification
Throughout your discussion, cite sources and create a reference page to justify why you are taking the actions you are describing. What will the participant know and be able to do upon the completion of the curriculum to adopt and maintain a behavioral change. Provide at least 5 references and cite each at least ONCE within your paper. If you are not familiar with APA formatting, please refer to this website to learn how to set up an APA formatted paper properly and how to cite different references properly.
Learning Outcomes
Create SMART goals to determine desired outcomes. How will you know learning outcomes are achieved? Please refer to this website if you are having trouble with SMART goals
Provide a closing paragraph that summarizes your program and its importance.

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