What would be the volume of payments made without netting?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a international trade question and need guidance to help me learn.I need to answer all the questions in the word doc. witch area. If a multilateral netting program is utilized by Norda, what is the total volume of intercompany payments that will be made by Norda in April? What would be the volume of payments made without netting? If Norda can save 1/4 percent on each payment not made, what would be Norda’s savings from using a netting system?b. Based on the information in the table, develop a payment schedule for Norda to follow in April (after netting). There is usually more than one feasible payment schedule.1. Suppose that the German unit of Billbert Enterprises buys $500,000 per month of goods from the French unit and sells $1 million per month to the British unit. At present, all interunit sales require payment in thirty days. Using leads and lags, how can the following transfers of funds be made?a. from the German unit to the French unitb. from the British unit to the German unitc. from the British unit to the French unitd. from the French unit to the British unit

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