What was the logic and support behind the argument, or thesis point of the talk?

Directions for Political Economy Paper:
From the session you attend (choose just one if you go to multiple sessions), please write a 3 page (or more) short paper on addressing the following:
(1) Give an explanation of the topic covered in the talk. Provide definitions, elaborations, and specific information about the general nature of lecture topic.
(2) If the speaker had a specific argument, or a general thesis, or theme, of the talk, what was it? What was the evidence used by the speaker to support their argument? What was the logic and support behind the argument, or thesis point of the talk?
(3) What were the things you learned from the talk, as well as from the PE program, in general? What did you like about the program? What about the talk, or the general PE program, would you offer constructive suggestions for future improvement?
Christina Schneider, Professor of Political Science,
UCSD: “The War in Ukraine and the Future of European
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/4rkUs0yRYb6bhwRcgqSRG6XG2R_Z41IkCoepgr_8DFvK8thqfctfyMAdhk83_CPclHnMTY0Up-ium-h2.qhFS5G8fQTJ5NQCa?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Ruoxi Li, Assistant Professor of Political Science, CSU
San Marcos: “Ranked Choice Voting: the new voting
method that is going to save us all?”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/DVgKvmmTiTT4gjfEhIjO4exTFChypub3YTwwsJrPiGflbyvTPcSQJy7eoRKU9lwIstu3H5qDyMGobuk4.fch4UVJibg_rrmj_?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Brandan Whearty, Professor of Communication Studies,
Palomar College & Nicholas Thomas, Adjunct Professor
of Communication Studies, Palomar College: “Face to
face classes are better than online classes.”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/8U9Hvequ5jz6uIShHbnPS8eAbX7WPPAn5Gvh7UvWqC_f0dIBzkuHQyE64baIGzzf9B4NWkdknesBt9Vb.rHUZRBI2yMQLbtUn?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Kristen Marjanovic, Associate Professor of History,
Palomar College: “Defining Genocide in Ukraine: A
History and Present Analysis.”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/aGj7Or-UAFio1704V_M2oCOryZQgLjMo7P0FyNZx7iqKPZSYNaKVccCMAK-8DYygMGsjzO54jY9CWLQ.aw2mYCmqdVolUpvV?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Branislav Slantchev, Professor of Political Science,
UCSD: “From Blitzkrieg to Genocide: Russia’s Evolving
Strategy in Ukraine”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/w6l4doiewxxKEVQoBbunIrGnjQHEwgTJN5oucPojOgwUhPNezI79H3jOO1dSMq5efjk0p0OMWYtDA9Ll.JiSlQarNmk5KvQSE?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Joseph Limer, Associate Professor of Political Science,
Palomar College: “The CRT: A Communist Supervillain
Origin Story.”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/Ivn9WSB8SBAM5cRcRmPisgFP79rB5ixmafTw9EWA3JsbCHk0sIs-EgE0s9Jfmn-HJajYJeRcf35m28K1.6vMkdPhopfmFma3-?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Thad Kousser, Professor & Dept. Chair of Political
Science, UCSD: “California’s Recall: What Voters
Thought in 2021 and Reform Prospects for 2022″
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/5nMzf22rpWz2XZUJJx-DuGarN_tvN-kEK9Zxyzz-nMQjjRRDEtOsJWrwc3xvnIFJCSsmdLXcQwDMf2o.bRZ0FTZHQMBb1Iu3?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Mark Malebranche, Adjunct Professor of History,
Palomar College: “Midnight Rider: Paul Revere
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/LYqoRWRo2QRVTl65YM6dBTdirmhhuJhUufdH8m-HVw9JbpsDMAsUtABS-gT9B5MeQqM0vzI8UVW68LPR.TlNol5p5XAek5vOU?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Pippah Getchell, Political Scientist, University of
Illinois: “Reviving Racism: The politics and
pseudoscience behind the new Republican Party.”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/Dv3fhDiuaKV7LIo-y8PKewip6AAWSlLapLG9rvCxWPUNGWk-56qHUhf9Z35QfUQ8nK6tyFmTrAEFOh7m.z957jd7GThUwUfqG?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Matthew Estes, Professor of History, Palomar College:
“How to Talk to Angry People: Countering the ‘anti-
CRT’ Narrative with Constructive Dialogue”
https://palomar-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/5JDuEFtGa8VluUFKawihmqjHp_zb94o9344BIia50Qs9YTplZZZVtYstIGAiULtSWlB2-sH5kZ2DIcxq.o_WDCcu0hjkZ96U1?continueMode=true (Links to an external site.)
Gary Castaneda, Adjunct Professor of Political Science,
Palomar College: “Theories of Revolution and Political

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