What is the constitutional basis for your law?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a political science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Assignment/Task:The Deconstructed White Paper Solution Final*Find an area of public policy you care about (environment, economy, guns, social policy, criminal justice, foreign policy, health care, economic growth/development…….)*Think about a solution or law you want to see passed that has a practical application to the US today (in other words, something of actual consequence!)*You CANNOT: lower the drinking age to 18. I am so sick of reading these type of papers*You must (can be on a slide format if need be)—Articulate the problem (why does this issue need to be addressed, and you can start to see why teenage drinking isn’t going to work here)—Develop a framework for the law, with some specific provisions*You will be graded based on data and information provided in each unit!Unit I: Constitution and American Democracy**What is the constitutional basis for your law? Who would chiefly be responsible for the legislation and why?Unit II: Institutions of National Government: Congress and the President?**How has the issue been dealt with in this country in the past (if at all)?**Is there a department or agency of the federal government that deals with this topic? How? Have they been effective?Unit III: Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court**Has there been any relevant case law that deals with this topic? If so what are some of the major court cases? How did the Courts rule (federal or state)?Unit IV: Linkage Institutions**What does the public (public opinion polling) and political parties say about these issues? Why is this relevant?**Do the media and interest groups approach/speak out on the issue? Are they effective?? **How else has this issue appeared in the public discourse? Protests? Voting/initiatives in states? Issues in elections? Other????????????Unit V: Public Policy**Defend your law and position!—Find data (you MUST have one chart or piece of data from the internets) and arguments that support your position – basically, justifying your position or why the law is a good idea—Think about the counterargument: are you willing to concede certain points an opposing person might make? Refute them? How would you address their concerns?

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