What difficulties did they face when arriving in their destinations?

Choose two cases from two different regions of the world and two different time periods, and compare the refugee/migrant experiences. (You cannot use cases from Weeks 1 and 2. Choose from Weeks 4-7; 8-11; or 3, 12-15.) In your essay, consider the following questions:
What were the larger historical contexts (i.e. migration to the Americas, the World Wars, Cold War and decolonization) that led to their migration?
What specific conditions did they face in their home countries that “pushed” them to leave?
What was the migration process like?
What difficulties did they face when arriving in their destinations?
What were some of the long-term consequences for the migrants and refugees, the receiving countries, and the countries from which they departed?
Because the essay is comparative, structure the essay so that you are focusing on certain themes throughout. Some examples: the politics surrounding displacement and resettlement, how refugees experienced and remembered migration, the causes and effects of migration, etc. There are many possible approaches, these are just some suggestions. You should use all available materials for the cases you are discussing. That means that readings, both primary and secondary sources, must be used, in addition to the films and discussions. (Weeks 4 and 5 go together and sources from both weekly folders should be used for those cases.) You should not use outside materials, unles

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