research the typical development of a preschool child in the areas of biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development.

Early Childhood Education
For this assignment, you will research the typical development of a preschool child in the areas of biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development. You will also spend time observing a preschool child four to five-years-old at the children’s center and identify the child’s level of ability in each of the three domains of development. This assignment is worth 150 points and must be written in APA format and between 5-7 pages in length.
Your report must include:
Cover page: must include Running head, title, your name, college, your instructor’s name, course, date due and page number.
Abstract: An overview of the purpose of the paper and what the paper will include.
Report body: (5-7 pages). To complete: follow these steps:
Typical Development:
Part (1): Using your textbook and at least two additional scholarly resource, research what is considered
‘typical development” for a child in the early childhood stage (3-6 years-old) in the areas of biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development.
Part (2): Using the researched information, write a detailed description of the major milestones for a 3-6-year-old child in each of the three domains: biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial. Be specific, do not just write “gross motor skills improve in early childhood”, give specific examples such as: “a preschool child can kick a ball with precision, ride a tricycle …etc.” This part of your paper must be referenced using APA format and in-text citations.
Running Record: You will use the time codes from the videos that I have given you online.
Part (2): type up your Running Record describing what you actually saw the child doing or heard saying. Capture child’s speech in “quotation marks”. Make it detailed yet objective without adding additional comments or inferences. State observable actions and avoid comments on:
Goodness or badness (saying that the child’s behavior was bad, instead, say: another boy grabs the train, chase reaches over and hits him).
Intentions (saying that the child is waiting for the teacher to notice her, instead, say: without saying a word, Mina is quietly standing next to her teacher).
Feelings/Emotions (saying child is mad, instead, say: Hannah is stomping her feet, etc.)
General terms (saying child is playing, instead, say: Chase rides the tricycle and peddles around the playground).
Observed Skills:
For this section, using the information gathered from your Running Record, identify and choose a minimum of (9) observed behaviors and match them with the appropriate concepts/developmental skills discussed such as (fine motor, impulse control, Overregularization, cooperative play, etc.). Then connect each concept to the appropriate developmental domain (biosocial, cognitive, or psychosocial). Your paragraphs must have a variety of concepts representing all 3 developmental domains (remember at least (3) concepts per domain) to receive full points. You may NOT repeat any one concept per domain.
You may choose one of the two following formats to present the concepts:
Format -1 (group by domain): in the area of biosocial development, Mina ran with Hannah (Gross motor), cut the paper with scissors (fine motor), and picked up the apple slices with her right hand (lateralization).
Format-2 (individual concepts): Mina ran with Hannah (Gross-motor, Biosocial domain), she tripped and fell, Hannah stopped and put her arm around her and said: “Are you okay?” (Prosocial behavior, Psychosocial Domain).
Conclusion: End your paper with a paragraph identifying whether or not you believe the child is typically developing for their age and why you believe so using your observation as support.
References page: At least two additional scholarly reference all cited in APA format and corresponds with your in-text citations.

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