Is the oil and gas industry fighting a losing battle?

Quiz 3 is an essay, where you will write about Louisiana’s economy and climate change. The Times Picayune ( recently published a 5-part series examining Louisiana’s historic reliance on the oil and gas industry and the possibility of the state transitioning away from this declining industry and instead embracing what many experts argue is the future–wind energy. Research shows that Louisiana is well-positioned, more-so than most states, to benefit from the wind-energy economy because of the fact that we are located on the Gulf of Mexico and because we already have an existing workforce with the required skills from the oil and gas industry. Is wind energy the future? Is the oil and gas industry fighting a losing battle? You will answer these questions by writing a 1 page essay.
Your essay must be well-written, have complete sentences, and be grammatically correct. Please proofread your response before you submit it. Finally, keep in mind that this is a geography class. When you write, I want you to “think geographically”–that means, less of your opinion and more of an analytical connection to geography. I want you to “think critically” and dig deep to challenge yourself. Good luck!

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