focus on how research informs some aspect of communication practices.

Students will choose a topic to read and write about for a term paper. Topics should focus on how research informs some aspect of communication practices. Which research and communication practices are up to the student and research on this topic comes from a variety of disciplines including, psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, behavioral medicine, and the like. Topics for the term paper should be selected and approved in writing by the 9th week of the semester.
Once the term paper topic is approved, student should read reputable articles, BOOKS OR VISIT WEBSITES to learn about the topic, which must include at least 8 to 10 or more peer-reviewed journal articles, websites or books that may provide insight. Ideal sources will have been published within the past ten or so years and available as full-text PDFs. Searching using the “CINAHL Plus with Full Text” database is recommended:
The instructor suggests that term papers explore a specific topic and review at least 8 to 10 published research articles/books describing/analyzing etc., the topic. Students might follow the same format as the reading critique in the organization and presentation of the paper.
Part 1: Title page
Follow the APA-style title page
Generate a draft title for your paper, followed by your name and “New Jersey City University” as your affiliation.
Be sure to include and properly format the header, which appears on every page of this assignment
Part 2: Consider a short Abstract
Part 3: Main body (Citation practice): Write a summary of the main points in which you cite an idea or find from the sources being used; for example, the book or articles being discussed.
Think about each of your written statements as your perception of each article’s “take-home point” or “bottom line”. Write in your own words, do not plagiarize and if you use a quotation make sure it is footnoted.
Create accurate citations of the resources.
Do not forget to include your title, centered in plain text, at the top of the page.
Part 4: References/Grammar
Articles that are cited need to appear in a references list. (With the heading (References) followed by source entries).
See the Publication Manual for the general format for journal articles or books.
This is probably one of the hardest aspects of this assignment. Take your time, and carefully double-check everything. Do not use auto-formatting software; you will learn the correct style more by doing it on your own (and will be able to spot errors more easily when they occur).

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