Expectations Case Study

Appropriate Behavior
Expectations Case Study
School is a new experience, and because of the norms and
expectations that come with it, young children entering the educational system
will face unique behavioral issues. They may display some typical behavioral
issues since this is all new to them. Teachers need to maintain a well-ordered
classroom and establish expectations for their pupils. For this strategy to be
successful, it is critical that kids learn about it early on, maybe within the
first few days of school.” Norms and Expectations Case Study” has
Ron, a first-grader, as a character. Ron is a transfer student who arrived in
the middle of October at this point in the school year. For Ron to get up to
speed, he will have to play catch-up. I can tell he is already exhibiting signs
of irrationality and misbehavior. When Ms. Bosco examines Ron’s cum folder, she
sees that he has behavior concerns and is often sidetracked. He now has weekly
objectives that his teacher, Ms. Bosco, has established for him. Getting to
know his classmates and the classroom regulations is the first thing Ron will
do when he arrives at school. (Hou
2018), it is simpler to meet standards for good classroom conduct when
instructors communicate these goals to students rather than relying on students
to guess what the expectations could be.
Expectations for
appropriate classroom behavior for young children.
When it comes to our children’s expectations and
character qualities, I picked these standards based on what is developmentally
suitable. I would expect students to abide by these guidelines. These are the
three important things because of how important everyone and everything is at
school. We, our school, and our peers are all in this together.
Taking good care of our buddies. I picked
this item because, in a classroom, every kid would have friends, some of whom
may be slow learners while others may be above or average. A good buddy will do
their utmost to aid a friend who isn’t doing well in school.
Taking care of ourselves. When we take care
of ourselves, we cannot forget to care for our close friends. We cannot aid our
friends if we are depressed and unable to complete a task.
Taking care of the school. We should show
respect for school, whether at school or not, and help make it a safe and
joyful place to study and observe the following;
a. Do not damage school or third-party
b. Don’t touch
anybody else’s hands.
c. Before you
talk, please put up your hands in the air.
d. Your feet
must remain on the ground, not on someone else.
f. Always speak
in an inward tone.
Strategies for addressing
Ron’s challenging behavior and implementation plan
Ron will get acquainted with his
classmates and become familiar with the classroom procedures. He will do this
by gazing across the class and shouting out each student’s name (Doleck et al, 2018). This should
be done by the end of the first week in class.
The Golden Rules of our class will be
taught to Ron, and he will read them every day until they are ingrained in him.
By the end of the first
week, Ron would have named each of his peers and will go by the rules in his

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