Describe the Closing Phase.

you will create a written document that provides a detailed overview of the phases of project management. You will devote approximately two (2) to three (3) pages per project management phase, for a total length of eight (8) to twelve (12) pages for the entire assignment. Please format your paper in according to APA Style guidelines. Specific instructions are included below.
Prepare a written document which addresses the four phases of project management: Initiation Phase, Planning Phase, Implementation Phase, and Project Close Phase.
Be sure to refer to your readings in the Project Management etext, as well as the Module 4 Lesson and you prepare your paper.
Initiation Phase
Describe the Initiation Phase.
Explain why it is important to properly define the project, identify the benefits, know the requirements, and how to measure success.
Planning Phase
Describe the Planning Phase.
Explain why the planning phase is the most challenging, yet critical to achieving success, as the project is implemented.
Implementation Phase
Describe the Implementation Phase.
Explain why it is important for the project implementation plan to move toward completion.
Also, include a segment about addressing setbacks and making adjustments to the project plan.
Closing Phase
Describe the Closing Phase.
Explain why you think the project closing phase is important, and should not be overlooked.
Also, please explain how you know whether the outcomes were a success or failure.
Please be sure to format your paper in accordance with APA requirements.

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