Calculate the running average for residential and business customer spending

Learning Goal: I’m working on a c++ project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Class ProjectRewrite the Programming Example in chapter 4 ( Cable Company Billing ).Expected Program and Design:1. Write a pseudo code before starting your program ( you may not use SWITCH, replace it with IF structures )1.1 Draw a flowchart for your program based on your pseudo code2. Identify your constants3. Your input will come from a text file of at least 15 customers3.1 Input file format – customerType accountNumber premiumChannels ( i.e residential example: R12345 5 , business example B12345 16 8 ) residential customers RaccountNumber numOfPremChannels business customers BaccountNumber numOfBasicServConn numOfPremChannels4. Precision should be two decimal places5. Calculate the running average for residential and business customer spending6. Print all customer’s bill to a single file and the end of the file you should have the average summary for each customer type.6.1 Pay attention to details when you formatting your outputNote: Use all chapter concepts and make your final as a true representation of what we have learned this semester.7. Implement your program using arrays, covered in chapter 8, and user defined simple data types to hold customer data.Turn inprogram design ( pseudo code and/or flow chart )input fileoutput file.cpp file of your program ( make sure you include your header and comment your code )

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