calculate the gain or loss for each stock.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sales report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.For this assignment you will calculate the gain or loss for each stock. You will also discuss your actions and reasoning behind your chosen stock. Calculate your gain or loss for each stock in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, summarize your findings in a 1–2-page paper.If you participate in the Assignment Discussion Board, summarize your findings in your paper.Unit 3 Assignment:Using an Excel spreadsheet, show the calculation of your gain or loss for each security for the week. Make sure you show a dollar return calculation and a percentage return calculation. Be especially careful on the computation of the gain/loss on the stock you purchased on margin. If you wish, you may sell none, one, or two (but no more) of your holdings.Please replace any stocks you sell on the same terms (long or short).
An accompanying 1–2-page Word document addresses the checklist items below.Checklist:Discuss why you took the actions you did in your portfolio, with particular attention to your reasoning behind holding or selling specific stocks.
Make special note of any observations you made when analyzing your calculations.
Also, invest in one mutual fund and one exchange-traded fund this week, again limiting your investment in each to $50,000. Include in your report this week the price of the investments made, including the $25 commission and your justification for the purchases. Incorporate these buys in your spreadsheet.

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