Are there any differences in the way you talk?

This third and final exam for the course is a subjective, essay-based exam, assessing your knowledge of the entire textbook since the start of the course. It is your opportunity to illustrate your understanding of the assigned readings this semester.
Your Task:
“Style shifting” is a term that sociolinguists use to describe how we adjust our language as determined by the situation. For example, pleading with a professor to pass a course would likely sound different that yelling at a sibling who is being too loud in his or her room.
Think about conversations you have had with others: parents, co-workers, bosses, police officers, judges, friends, classmates, siblings, professors, etc. Are there any differences in the way you talk? Do you address people differently? Do you use different words? Do you speak in a more standard way in some contexts? Thinking about the different kinds of variables examined in the book (age, gender, ethnicity and so on), which are relevant in the way your language changes? How does your “style shifiting” show your power or other’s power? You do not need to answer all of these questions in your exam paper, but I listed them to help generate your thoughts.
In a 4-5 page paper, discuss your personal “style shifting” making substantial connections to concepts from textbook chapters or posted readings. You must refer to at least 5 textbook chapters/readings in your response, but pulling information from more than 5 textbook chapters/readings would be to your advantage. For each concept you are referencing, create an in-text parenthetical citation containing the page number. Avoid quotations. Only paraphrase the information from the text.
DO NOT conduct any outside research. Only refer to your textbook in the paper.
Format & Grammar Expectations:
Paper length should be 4 full pages (minimum) to 5 full pages (maximum)
Include a title page (this page does not count towards your 4-5 page paper total). Do not include a reference page, as I am familiar with the textbook and that is the only source you should be using.
It is expected that your response will be completely free of grammatical errors. I should be able to read your paper for your intellectual analysis only.
Please compose your paper following APA format. A sample copy of an APA paper can be found under the Syllabus tab.
Submittal: Please submit your paper using the Turnitin link below any time prior to Friday, May 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM. I will not accept late papers.
Grade Worth: 25% of final course grade

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