an argumentative essay that addresses a controversial issue currently in the news.

This is an editorial essay i need for my english class about a controversial topic, if you could be right leaning that would be great aswell, i will send an abstract i made in class and try to follow the same strcutre arguments i made but for the counter claim you have the creative freedom to make me relaize the topic better and stand “neutral” (obviouslty argumentitive is more opinion based but i trust you to make it perfect)
These are the instructions please follow this structure
The editorial essay is an argumentative essay that addresses a controversial issue currently in the news. The goal of the editorial essay is to practice writing persuasive prose, and to develop your analytical skills.
New skills to be assessed include:
 Establishing Authority
 Summarizing Arguments
 Objective vs. subjective writing
 Concessions
 The “Turn”
 Context
 Presenting Evidence
 Call to Action
Editorial Essay Structure (10 paragraph breakdown):
Pretext (“News Hook”)IssueArgument
Background/Historical Context/Defining Terms (several paragraphs)
Other Side(s)
Concession and Turn…Your position (“Nut”)
Argument 1 (all arguments add evidence, support, and justification for your view)
Argument 2
Argument 3
Call to Action
Here is the article that started this argument
try having a couple of other ones (scholarly) that support and counter this opinion
thank you very much

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