Why is it important to idenfity which is responsible for each region’s cultural change?

Please pick out specific, important aspects of the archaeological record and its contect and fit them into the explanation of the broader pattern of cultural change. Please show good insight and depth of understanding of the important concepts and issues in the archaeology of the agricultural transition.
There are 4 questions that need to be answered in full sentences and have sources cited to them. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! The links below are a bunch of information provided, if and when you use them, cite them in-text and in a works/bibliography page! Make sure to answer the ENTIRE question and not partial or half. Please provide AT LEAST TWO cited sources within each question, though you can use more if needed to help support your claims and statements.
1. The theme of the three primary cultural processes: demic diffusion, cultural diffusion, and independent innovation. Why is it important to idenfity which is responsible for each region’s cultural change? Why isn’t it enough to document that the change occurred? Pick an example from any of the sources provided to help illustrate your discussion with specific examples!
2. The pre-agricultural Kebaran & Natufian phases share several similarities with the European Mesolithic. Describe some of these similarities and differences and discuss likely causes for the cultural convergences and divergeces. (Please cite/quote from sources given to you in the links. If you use the word doc, please cite it as “word doc” and I will put in the proper citing for it.
3. The Pre-Pottery Neolithic B phase ends with significant changes to the fledgling agricultural society. What are the possible causes (be specific about the evidence) and what are the implications of each possible cause? What is the result of these changes in the next chronological phase(s)? (Please use the sources given in the links and cite them properly in-text and bibliography).
4. Was agriculture adopted for booze or for food? Why? What are the societal implications of your choice? (Please refer to links/sources provided below to cite and use).

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