What were some of the authors’ main findings?

*** I have uploaded my paper that I aleady wrote and am needing help rewriting it to fit all of this information in***
The article can be over any topic. As long as the journal article is peer reviewed! I first want you to write a complete summary over the article. Meaning your summaries should include a brief explanation over the topic in which you are discussing. No quotes! You may paraphrase but no quotes.
Then I want you to focus on the Methods and Results from the study. If your journal article does not include a methods or results section, then you need to find another article.
This is how you will address the methods section:
The methods section follows the literature review. It can often be identified because it will have a title of “methods” or “methodology”. The methods section provides information about the individuals that the authors studied and the way that they conducted their analysis. You should read it carefully to determine the following:
Who were the participants in the sample? What makes them unique? Where did the study take place?
Is the sample a good representation of the entire population? If not, how are they different?
Is the study categorical (based on interviews, ethnography, participant observation, or content analysis, etc.), quantitative (based on statistical analysis), or multi-method (includes both categorical and quantitative analysis).
As for the results section, you need to make sure you address the following:
The results section follows the methods. It will often have the title “results” or “findings”. The results section provides information about what the authors found when they analyzed their data. You should read it carefully to determine the following:
What were some of the authors’ main findings? Meaning what was the significance of the study, give interpretations of the mean, standard deviation, confidence intervals, test statistic, (if your article doesn’t have this, then you need to find another article), how many people were in the population, and most importantly what did the study prove?
This paper should be a very detailed explanation over the study that you have selected, therefore the more information that is provided and explained the better the grade. This paper should have a cover page, 12 font, Times New Roman, Single Spaced.

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