what the significance of claims in it are?

Answer the following question in an essay of 4-6 pages. Use the
text to support
your interpretations and arguments, citing all references and quotations.
Refer to
passages by line number (Book I, 11) not page number, please.
professor is looking for:
Can you show appropriate understanding of the text?
Can you explain what it means, what the significance of
claims in it are?
Can you analyze reasons for your reaction to claims—why you
agree, disagree, think more can be
Can you show what the implication of your thoughts about
this topic are?
Can you arrange this all in a well constructed argument?
Can you express this well?
from professor:
paragraph: A first paragraph should be a map of the whole paper. It should
start by
saying what the issue is that matters to us.
The body of the paper should
demonstrate what the author says and then support your thesis.
conclusion should not repeat what the paper said in a single paragraph. It
should bring the
parts of the body together, but it should do so to achieve
a conclusion about the claim.
Prompt Question:
The final half of Book
II is dedicated to a defense of property against redistribution. “The chief preoccupation
of the state-administrator must to be ensure that each individual keeps what is
his; there should be no public confiscations of the possessions of private
persons.” (II.73) How does Cicero’s concern with preserving private property
and preventing redistribution fit with his concerns about justice? About the
community? What are the benefits he sees from leaving this institution
undisturbed? Is he right? Why or why not?

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