What strengths do you see in this community?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assignments:
All assignments are to be typed, double spaced with one inch margins on all four sides using a standard
12 point font (Times New Roman). Do NOT double-double space between paragraphs. Use a leftjustified margin.
Assignment One: Neighborhood Assessment
In this two page assignment you are to find the name and number of the community area in Chicago
in which you reside OR the name of your town and the census tract in which you reside if you live
in the suburbs. If you prefer, you may use the area of your grandparents, the one where you grew up or
the one in which you currently live. You can even pick a neighborhood where you work. Just make sure
the information is accurate for the address you choose.
Do not write more than three sentences about the original history of the neighborhood. While it might be
interesting that the area was originally settled by Bohemian immigrants who worked on the railroads, do
not focus on this history; focus on now with appropriate historical and policy connections about how
now came to be, if you’re interested.
HINT 1: I do NOT want the ward, zip code or legislative district in which you live. I am looking for the
Community Area name and number. There are 77 in all.
HINT 2: Bronzeville is not a community area, neither is Rosemore.
Once you have found the community area or suburb you have two tasks. First, observe the community.
What do you see? What strengths do you see in this community? All communities have some strengths.
Name and describe at least two. What are the problems you see in this community? All communities
have some. Name and describe at least two. What could be done to improve this neighborhood? If you
tell me there are no strengths, or conversely, no weaknesses, it means you did not do your research
Second, look up some current demographic information about this neighborhood. Find out something
about the average income of the area, the racial composition, the average age or the number of children.
What percentage of adults from this community are employed or unemployed? What is the average
education of the area? What percent of immigrants live in the neighborhood? You don’t need to answer
all of these questions, but be sure to answer some of them or some demographic information that you
find interesting. Be sure to document your sources. I do NOT want a printed table from a web site. I
want you to think about what you read, choose something you find interesting, and write about it in your
own words. Do NOT use bullet points, do not use outlines or charts, this is an essay.
The web sites below may offer you some assistance.. This
will save you time typing in the addresses.
http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/… Scroll down to Address Search, click on
street address and enter yours. For those in the city, the first two digits of your census tract are your
community area. This site will also link you to Census data.
munity_Areas_W_Numbers.pdf web site has a map and a list of the names of all 77 Chicago
neighborhood areas.
Do some research to find out more about your community area.

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