What historical problems led to the creation of the policy?

TOPIC Marijuana legalization in California
Evaluate the criminal justice reform initiative using Re-Imagining Punishment: An
Exercise in “Intersectional Criminal Justice” and at least two additional sources. In
evaluating the policy, discuss how it responds to disparities that involve race, class,
gender and/or some aspect of social difference.
Historical background of the policy & Description of the problem
What historical problems led to the creation of the policy?
How important have these problems been historically?
How as the problem previously handled?
When did the policy originate/What is the legislative history of the policy? (First
introduced in a legislative body)
How has the original policy changed over time? N/A new policy
What is the nature of the problem?
What are the causes of the problem?
How widespread is it?
Who is affected and how?
How many people are affected by it?
Policy description
How is the policy expected to work?
What are the resources or opportunities that the policy is expected to provide?
Who will be covered by the policy and how?
How will the policy be implemented?
What are the short and long-term goals and outcomes of the policy?
What government agency will administer the program?
What agencies or organizations will oversee, evaluate, and coordinate the policy?
What is the funding mechanism for the policy (taxation or fees)?
What are the formal or informal criteria that will be used to determine the effectiveness
of the policy? (Use sources from various political ideologies)
How long is the policy expected to be in existence? (Is there a sunset provision)
What is the knowledge base or scientific grounding for the policy?
Are the goals of the policy legal (use court cases to establish foundation)?
Are the goals of the policy just and democratic (use John Rawls’ theory of justice and/or
the Barak reading)?
Do the goals of the policy contribute to greater racial equity or social justice?
Do the goals of the policy contribute to a better quality of life of the target population?

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