What factors do you think motivate employees the most?

part 1
For this week’s discussion, please share your thoughts on motivation. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Reflect on the “Motivation Concepts” interactive media activity. What concepts regarding motivation stood out most to you? How can you apply them to your professional role?
What factors do you think motivate employees the most? How does this compare to what motivates you personally?
Imagine a scenario with a group of employees who are not motivated. This may be a group of nurses working in the same department in a hospital, the employees at a pharmacy, or something else entirely. Describe the scenario and the impact on the organization.
What are some intrinsic versus extrinsic motivational strategies? Share any resources on this subject that you find.
part 2 Career Strategies
As you progress in this course, take some time to reflect on how to move your career forward. Review one of the following Capella Career Center resources (linked in Resources) and complete the corresponding activities. If you are:
Building your career in your current organization, watch the video Strategies to Reach That Next Career Step.
Changing careers, watch the video Career Change: Strategies for Getting From Here to There and refer to the supplemental resources mentioned in the recording.
Seeking a new position now or planning to in the future, review the Effective Job Search Strategies ‒ Introduction video and complete the activities in the Job Search Workbook.
Breaking into teaching in higher education, review the Job Search: Teaching in Higher Education tutorial.

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