What does the literature say on the topic you are writing about as a social construction?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Final Paper Instructions“The Social Construction of race”Paper FormattingWrite a five to seven-page essay, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and 12pt font, in Arial or Times New Roman. Include page numbers.
Include a references page; not counted towards the five-page minimum.
Title your paper, filling in the blank “The Social Construction of ________.”
Include sub-headings to break your paper into the sections outlined below.
All subheadings, in-text citations, and references must conform to ASA style.
No cover page, abstract, running head, or keywords are necessary.
Scholarly LiteratureYou must have 8+ scholarly sources.
At least four of your sources need to be from peer-reviewed sociological journals.
The remainder (4+) can be from scholarly books or reports or journals outside sociology.
News stories, magazine articles, and cultural references are welcome, but do not count towards your 8 scholarly sources.
Essay SectionsPart 1- OverviewIntroduce your topic. What does the literature say on the topic you are writing about as a social construction? What are ways this has been framed in the past? Are there dominant and subordinate ways of understanding the nature of your topic? If so, outline them. This is also where a bulk of your citations will go. You are mainly covering others’ positions, not laying out your perspective in this section, so remember to remain objective in tone throughout.Part 2- Tensions and ImplicationsHow might a constructivist perspective of your topic be potentially controversial to some groups? If your topic were not a social construction, what would be the alternative sources for its reality? How does it threaten the meaning or legitimacy of other institutions or identities? What do some have to gain or lose? If there is a better way of understanding the issue, in your perspective, you may lay it out. But do not make unsubstantiated claims without appropriate support and/or citations. Remember to keep a scholarly tone of voice, especially when writing about matters personal to you.VisualInclude at least one table or figure, labeled and marked according to ASA Style. It can be a chart of relevant statistics or a cultural artifact illustrating your point. Make sure it is not just a loosely related meme or image, but something that largely reinforces your argument.Grading RubricMinimum page count (5+ pgs)6ptsMinimum quantity (8+ scholarly sources) and quality of literature (4+ peer-reviewed sociology journals)6ptsClarity of argument and scholarly tone4ptsASA Style (headings, citations, references)4ptsGrammar and spelling2ptsQuality of visual2ptsTitle and subsections clearly labeled1ptTotal25pts

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