What does it mean to be a good or bad parent? A good or bad child?

Topic: Compare and contrast three parent/child relationships in Frankenstein, one of which
must be the relationship between Victor and his “monster.” What does it mean to be a
good or bad parent? A good or bad child? What do we learn about parenting from this
3. Plagiarism: If you are using other sources for your essay, these MUST be
acknowledged clearly in MLA style. See the departmental policy on plagiarism in the
course outline.
4. I strongly encourage you seek guidance from me or from the writing centre.
5. Consider your audience to be fellow classmates who are familiar with the texts. You
are trying to persuade them.
Format: Your final copy must be 1000 words, typed in 12 pt. font and double-spaced.
a) Formulate a clearly focused thesis statement that unifies all aspects of your
b) Present an original analysis of the texts: focus on the way the texts are put
together, but incorporate your own individual interpretation of it.
c) This should be a five paragraph persuasive essay. Your argument should be
properly developed in a series of complete body paragraphs that incorporate
evidence from the text in its support.
d) Use formal literary terminology as appropriate and relevant to your argument.
e) Write in the neutral third person voice. Expression of purely personal opinion is
inappropriate. Let there be no “you”, “I” or “we” statements of any kind. Be careful
not to generalize, nor to make arguments based on conjecture, including theories
about the author’s intentions (“intentional fallacy”).
f) Integrate a minimum of three brief direct quotations to substantiate your
analysis. For every direct quotation, be sure to give an accurate page reference in
parentheses, or refer to the film directly. These sites can help:
g) Always follow up a direct quotation with a specific analysis of its language and
h) Be sure to proofread and edit your essay carefully before handing it in.

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