prepare a summary of the various definitions of health for the staff at the clinic.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assume you are an intern at a community health clinic. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a summary of the various definitions of health for the staff at the clinic. Search the Internet for representations of various definitions of health (e.g., a newborn, a well older adult, a person in a wheelchair, or a person with another disability). Prepare a 500-word summary of your findings. Include the following in your summary: Description of 6 internet representations of definitions of health for the following types of individuals:
Well adult Asian woman over 55 years of age
Disabled 35-year-old African American male veteran
Pre-teen white young woman entering middle school
Sexually active 20-something Hispanic male
Obese 75-year-old white male suffering from debilitating arthritis
Explanation regarding the importance of meeting a patient at their definition of health. Reference APA style

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