How have newspapers changed with the digital age?

Critical Thinking Questions
Chapter Questions 1 covers chapters one through five. After studying the appropriate chapter, students should type 1 full page (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman or Calibri) for each answer. Keep that answer in a file, and after each chapter another answer until you have all 5.
CHAPTER 1: Newspapers
How have newspapers changed with the digital age? Discuss the pros and cons of online versus traditional newspapers. Which do you think is superior and why?
CHAPTER 2: Magazines
Why do today’s magazines target specialized audiences for readership? Give 3 specific examples and the reasons for each.
CHAPTER 3: Recordings
Why is file-sharing harmful to the recording industry? Explain the measures that the industry has taken and evaluate their effectiveness. Do you consider file-sharing stealing? Justify your answer.
CHAPTER 4: Radio
Why was (and is) Federal regulation of the airwaves necessary? What are the main components of the 1996 Telecommunications Act? Discuss why it is, or is not, beneficial to Americans.
CHAPTER 5: Movies
Analyze movie industry self-regulation. Discuss MPPDA and the Hays Office production codes and the current MPAA ratings. Do you think we should abandon NC-17? Explain your answer.

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