How does religion change over time to accommodate the needs of its people?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Read the frequently asked questions I’ve posted below. Then reply to the questions, making sure not to just reply to the original FAQ.1.FAQ: The percentage of people who follow Judaism (0.2%) was surprising, to me I assumed Judaism was akin to Islam or Christianity in numbers, Why is it that Judaism is talked about more than Hinduism or Buddhism at least in the united states? I feel that’s because Christianity stemmed from Judaism. It’s much less foreign to status-quo culture and media in N. America than Asian religions.What other areas, regions, or countries do you see as representative these cultural dynamics and where as significantly different?2.FAQ: America appears to be widely Protestant in opposition to Catholic although both are Christian religions which believe in Jesus Christ and God. Why are some Christian followers conforming to Protestantism instead of Catholic teachings?There’s a long history of Christian groups, perhaps starting first with the Protestant reformation, stepping away from the Catholic church for many different reasons. But related to the US, mentioned in your question, it was founded by a strong Protestant following, so there’s a historical pathway factor in why it’s more popular in the US today still.Which areas, regions, or countries do you see as also representative of this divide and where as significantly different?3.FAQ: How does religion change over time to accommodate the needs of its people? Most religions have to adapt based on cultural changes and perceptions. Some Christians now find abortion acceptable, e.g. Religions can also take on new symbolism through time, based on arriving in new places, e.g. the sacred symbols of Tibet being incorporated into Buddhism there, and the holy cross being revered in Ireland with the historic precedent of the Celtic cross. Which areas, regions, or countries do you see as also representative of religious change and where as significantly different?

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