Do they provide assistance to others?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Chapter 9 1. Read this from the Children’s Defense Fund’s State of Children 2021 Please read the Introduction, the Overview and Moments Give me a synopsis and tell me why children in poverty are not being well-served and if you think this situation may be getting worse or better and how with the economy as it is right now. How might the increasing numbers of young women having children without being married affect this? How might this have changed in today’s economy with the government shutdown we had, what is happening to health care availability and a tax “cut” that doesn’t serve poorer families? Chapter 10 The main website we will be working with is…42020.pdf Read pages 2-13 of Older Americans 2020 Look at the following questions and answer them o What changes can you see in the composition of the elderly population? o Observe the differences in marital status and living arrangements between men and women. Why do you think these differences occur? Which elderly are more likely to end up or be in nursing homes? o Observe also the geographical distribution of the elderly population. Why is it so imbalanced? o How does this compare to the elderly in your life? People like grandparents or neighbors or family friends. Do they need assistance or not? If so, who is providing assistance to them? Do they provide assistance to others? How does family interact with this generation? Chapter 11 I want you to focus on all the materials we have had, especially the websites that are within your lecture notes.These need to be looked at carefully in order to do justice to this assignment. You will have longer to do it because we are spending two weeks doing this chapter. Please write two short essays on two of the three following subjects (1 page each essay) on what you learned about: 1) domestic violence 2) child abuse 3) date rape End each essay with a paragraph of what you think should be done to prevent this from further occurring. Note: This chapter is worth 10 points due to the two essays

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