Describe the various contributions of African Americans to the Union war effort

Answer each question with at least 400 words using the textbook, Freedom on My Mind, and two other sources. Late papers will not be accepted, and I will NOT accept papers that are sent via email. So, do not wait until the last minute to submit your exam.
The final is exam is worth 100 points. Answer each question in essay form with at least 400 words.
I. Describe the various contributions of African Americans to the Union war effort, both in the military and the home front. How did their efforts further the war’s aims and their own hopes of achieving freedom and citizenship rights? (50 points)
II. After the Union victory at Antietam in September 1862, President Lincoln began to prepare the Emancipation Proclamation. What was the Emancipation Proclamation? How did the Emancipation Proclamation promote African American equality? In what ways did it fall short? (50 points)

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