Create a moodboard that captures the overall style of the overall Renaissance period (Italian, French, and English)

Learning Goal: I’m working on a architecture project and need a sample draft to help me learn.Create a moodboard that captures the overall style of the overall Renaissance period (Italian, French, and English)Weekly Moodboard InstructionsStylistic Moodboards InstructionsFor each stylistic period we look at, you are required to make a moodboard that captures the essence of that stylistic period. Each board should be authentic to that time period (meaning that all the images should come from that period and are NOT replicas or inspired by). Weekly MoodboardEach week you will create a moodboard that represents the styles we looked at during that section. Each style should have their own page(s). FOR EXAMPLE on week 5 we study the Middle Ages which is divided into 3 stylistic groups (Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic), as each of these is different they should each have their own page. Moodboard can be done in a variety of ways, from handmade to digital, take the approach that speaks to you the most!Each stylistic section/subsection should include the following:1 paragraph describing the styleUsing the keywords that showcase the style write a brief 4-5 sentence description of the style
Possibly to use this as a place to explain the reasoning behind your choices
1 labeled example of architecture Label should include name of structure, date and location
be careful that you don’t use images that are inspired by that style, rather find authentic pieces from that period
1 labeled example of furnitureLabel should include the specific name of that piece of furniture For example a ladies desk during the Rococo period is called a “French Mechanical Table”
Color scheme for the era3-5 colors and represent the theme of the time period
Design motifs that fit the stylistic period3-5 decorative elements from the time periodAccessories such as pillows, mirrors, textiles, etc. or decorative motifs used to aid in design
Moodboard can be done in ANY way! Be creative, feel free pick the method that best expresses your creativity. Handmade, digital, 3-d. WHATEVER SPEAKS TO YOU! As long as it answers the prompt completely.Rubric:1 paragraph describing the “essence” and key points of the specific style/time period2pt1 Example of Architecturelabeled2pts1 Example of Furniturelabeled2ptsColor Scheme and Design Motifs2ptsApplication of research and overall quality of work2pts

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