Compare Open Clusters to Globular Clusters

Learning Goal: I’m working on a astronomy writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Formatting and Other Rules for Paper:Topic Choice: Topics must be from the list below. You cannot turn in a paper from another class.
Quotations Are Required: In the body of any paper, you must include at least two direct quotations of material from the sources in your bibliography. Use quotation marks or indenting to indicate clearly that these are quotations. You may use any format for citing from the sources. Quotations should not take up more than 15% of the content of your paper, since your paper should be original material that you have written (so, do not use extremely long quotations).
Sources and Sources Page: You must uses at least three sources other than your official class texts. You can use those too, but that will mean you have even more than just three sources. List all sources on a sources page, which does not count toward the total number of pages required for this paper. You may use any format for listing your sources.
Length of Papers: Must be at least four pages of paragraph-form text (pictures/tables/lists etc. don’t count) It is OK to leave some blank space on 1ST and 4TH pages but, combined, those two pages should add to at least one full page of text.
Typing Style: All papers must be typed, double-spaced, no fonts larger than 12, no margins greater than 1 inch.
Copying from Sources: Do not copy groups of sentences off a web site or out of a book or other source to compose your paper except in places where you put the material in quotes and cite a source. Your paper must be an original paper written by yourself. All sources must be listed (cited) on your sources page. You shall not submit a paper that was not written in bulk by you for this class or which you already used for credit in another class. Do not use thesaurus software that inserts synonyms into your paper. The instructor reserves the right to give no credit to a paper found to be in substantial violation of these rules. The school allows additional penalties and disciplinary action for a student who is caught in violation of the school’s rules on plagiarism and cheating. I can easily track down papers copied off the Internet using Meta-Search techniques and turnitin.comPick just 1 topic:The Function and History of Telescopes
Solar Storms and the Structure of the Sun
Binary Stars – Their Types, Their Study
Evolution of the Sun from Birth to Death
Compare Open Clusters to Globular Clusters
Compare the Spiral Galaxies to Elliptical Galaxies
Compare Neutron Stars and Black Holes
Gamma Ray Bursts
Quasars and Active Galaxies
The Beginning and Expansion of the Universe

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