assignment is the stack frame of the JAVM virtual machine

Learning Goal: I’m working on a c++ multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The object to be implemented in this assignment is the stack frame of the JAVM virtual machine. Each test case is a function, which contains instructions of the JAVM virtual machine to be executed on the stack frame.To complete this assignment, you should follow these steps:
Read the JAVM’s specification (version 1.1.x).
Download and unzip it.
The unzipped folder should include these files: main.cpp, errors.h, constants.h, StackFrame.h
and StackFrame.cpp. Modify the initial code in StackFrame.h and StackFrame.cpp as required in the specifi
Sample testcases and expected results are attached in testcase and solution folder. (after
Important notes:
Use C++ 11 standard to compile the program. For example, with g++ compiler:
DO NOT modify main.cpp, errors.h and constants.h.
DO NOT import any libraries other than ones imported in the initial code of StackFrame.h
and StackFrame.cpp. Make sure the StackFrame class is declared, and this class should have at least one public
instance method void run(string filename) defined in StackFrame.h and StackFrame.cpp.

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