write a report about the data presented to you, according to the instructions in the pdf.

Read the pdf file and write a report about the data presented to you, according to the instructions in the pdf. Be as thorough as you can, try to include extra diagrams, graphs (with DESMOS or Excel) and obtain formulas to support your decision. Don’t forget to answer this part: “predict the maximum number of years that the company’s total capacity of 50 terabytes would not be exceeded”.
A few tips for this assignment:
You should start by identifying what x and y are for this problem (number of clients? profit? data used?)
The problem itself without all the words is similar to a type of problems we have done in the homework and in the exam many times, so you know how to find the right answer, don’t feel intimidated by so many words.
Don’t worry too much about the 250 words requirement. I put quality over quantity. But we are looking for a right justification of the correct answer. So for example, your report should include parts like: “Analyzing Farah’s data, we obtain the following graphs/charts/formulas…” (then do the same for the other 2 people) “Based on this, we think the right person to hire is —- because he/she has the right linear model for the company based on this and that, as you can see with the following formula and graph…” “The maximum number of years without exceeding 50 TB of data is… because if we do the following … we obtain ….”
Address all the questions posted in the pdf in your report. If you have questions about them, just send me an email.
Important information:
This assignment is mandatory and counts for 5 points of your final grade. That doesn’t mean that by just submitting something you get 5 points automatically. Instead, I will check your report and assign a grade from 0 to 5 points.
This is an individual assignment, so you cannot work in groups, you cannot ask a classmate for help and you cannot compare answers. Any of these acts constitutes academic dishonesty and it will affect your grade in this class considerably, not to mention it will be in your permanent record.
The assignment needs to be submitted online through Blackboard. Go to the section Signature Assignment in Course Work to submit it. Use an app like Cam Scanner to scan your paper. Since this assignment needs a lot of visual data, I recommend doing this on Word and use Excel for plots or graphs,

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