Write a PARAGRAPH of 8-10 sentences, in which you cite a single sentence

Please use quote sentences from the reading that I uploaded.
STEP 1: Write a PARAGRAPH of 8-10 sentences, in which you cite a
single sentence—which appears in the text about which you will
write your final paper—and explain why that sentence is
interesting or compelling for you. You may have loved this
sentence, hated it, found it to be confusing or strange, you might
have found it to be interesting or compelling. In this paragraph
your task is to write about why you chose this sentence. This is the
beginning of your “close reading.”
STEP 2: Collect 6-7 other SENTENCES from the text about which
you will write your final paper, type them out, and think about how
they will help you to expand upon your initial paragraph.
Electronically share these sentences with your writing group and
TA by Sunday 5/14 at 11:59PM. In discussion sections during week
8 each student will discuss with their writing group how they plan
to use these 6-7 sentences to develop and expand their paragraph
into a well-thought-out paper.
STEP 3: Write a 750-word DRAFT of your final paper, which
expands upon your paragraph by integrating into your writing 4-5
of the supporting sentences you’ve selected. This 750-word draft
should be shared electronically with your writing group and TA by
Sunday 5/21 at 11:59PM. It will be discussed in section week 9.
STEP 4: Expand your 750-word draft into a 1250-1500 word DRAFT
“close reading” paper. Be sure to include at least 6-7 supporting
sentences taken from your primary text. Each student is required
to share their 1250-1500 word draft “close reading” with their
writing group and TA by Sunday 5/29 at 11:59PM. The drafts
should be read by all group members and discussed in discussion
sections week 10. Here writing groups should use the set of
questions outlined above, in STEP 3.

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