While reading history, how would that society view today’s world?

When you are studying history you have to step out of your bias. Everyone has a bias, whether it is light or very extreme. Most people look at every situation through the filter of that bias. The most common, and the one most commonly ignored, is your ethnocentric bias. Ethnocentric bias is when you judge others based on the moral standard of how you live your life. You will never truly understand an historical event if you are carrying bias. Sometimes we judge another time frame according to our morals and beliefs of today. This bias may prevent us from truly understand why people in the past made decisions that we today would find appalling.
So, let me give you an example: Let’s say fifty years from now, everyone is a vegetarian. Your grandchildren have grown up in that world and have never known meat eating.
How would your grandchildren view your eating habits today? While reading history, how would that society view today’s world? Would they discount an achievement of someone simply because they are following today’s social norms and eat meat? Do you see how they might view us with a bias?
Please give your thoughts on this and respond to one other student’s post.
Remember this is not about vegetarianism. It is about how we handle a lifestyle that may be different from ours. Be respectful.

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