What were the challenges you experienced in navigating bureaucracy?

As you learned in this week’s readings, social structure sets the stage for social life to happen. We explored how a bureaucracy is a coordinated set of tasks and procedures carried out by people who accede to formal authority, and we see that these structures strongly affect people’s personal lives.
In order to fully explore your own experiences with bureaucracies, discuss one example of these structures you have encountered in your personal life. What were the challenges you experienced in navigating bureaucracy? Discuss any benefits you see to bureaucratization.
For this Discussion Board, you’ll be engaging with one another a little differently. You will still respond to the Initial Posts of at least two of your colleagues, but this time, offer a solution based on how sociologists might leverage bureaucratic structures and processes for the betterment of navigating those structures.
Your initial posting should be 250-500 words and must be submitted by Thursday, midnight (MT), of this week. By Sunday at midnight (MT), respond to two or more of your classmates’ initial posts in the manner outlined above.
Keep in mind that you’re expected to engage critically and not editorially (this is important to remember when we’re discussing “hot” or controversial topics). Work to demonstrate your understanding of the material from this module and, where necessary, include your sources, formatted and cited in accordance with APA style, according to the CSU Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
References that can be used:
Chapters 4, 5, 15 (section 15.1 only), & 17 (section 17.1 only) in Introduction to Sociology. https://openstax.org/details/books/introduction-sociology-2e (Links to an external site.)
Milford, M. (2017). Corporate gadfly: “Crusaders or crackpots”? (Links to an external site.) (The state of corporate democracy) [Interview]. Directors & Boards, 41(4).
Turkle, S. (2021, February). Connected, but alone (Links to an external site.). TED2012. https://www.ted.com/talks/sherry_turkle_connected_but_alone/transcript?language=en
Clegg, S., & Pitsis, T. (2016). Organizational identity (Links to an external site.) [Video file].
Reskin, B. F., & Branch McBrier, D. (2000). Why not ascription? Organizations’ employment of male and female managers (Links to an external site.). American Sociological Review, 65, 210-223.
Riccucci, N., & Van Ryzin, G. (2017). Representative bureaucracy: A lever to enhance social equity, coproduction, and democracy (Links to an external site.). Public Administration Review, 77(1), 21–30.
Weaver, R. (2015). Getting people to behave: Research lessons for policy makers (Links to an external site.). Public Administration Review, 75(6), 806–816.

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